It’s Not Too Late (Jan. 6 Bonus Episode)

DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast has released a bonus episode on the anniversary of Jan. 6. Have a listen to what inspired the creation of the Science Fiction-Horror podcast. Go Here:

Learning from our Mistakes

If the founders of US Democracy turned to the Roman Republic as an example of how to create a Democratic society, why wouldn’t we turn to its fall to AVOID the collapse of Democracy? DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast does. By comparing the Late Republic period of Rome with near-future American Democracy, DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast seeks toContinue reading “Learning from our Mistakes”


A Parnassian is an archetype of the middle/upper middle class, even elites, who had an uneventful, sheltered childhood and received a respectable education who nonetheless believe they are entitled to have something eventful, relevant or important to add to the literary canon. Every generation in the book industry has a very large Parnassian clique who dominate discussion concerning whatContinue reading “Parnassianism”


SFF/Horror DEMOCRACY JONESorAdventures in Late Phase American Democracy A Breakthrough in Neural Chips and Cognitive Cybernetic Enhancement Leads to the Horrifying Coup of American Democracy There are four things you need to know before beginning DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast. 1) This is a SERIAL podcast, which means you should listen to the episodes in order by date.Continue reading “DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast”


It’s only been out a week or so, but young adult, coming-of-age novel CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB has gotten a lot of very good reviews so far. ~”Layton’s story touched me, because I feel like many authors don’t like to talk about the things that Layton goes through. It was a refreshingly new way of writingContinue reading “Real Reviews of CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB”


I am thrilled to announce that my young adult, coming-of-age novel CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB is published! Please don’t hesitate to get a copy. I’ve been in the book business for a long time, but I’ve never written a book as easily as I wrote CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB. I think that’s because it is based onContinue reading “Book Release: CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB”

FREE CHAPTER! – Chin Music Rhubarb

CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB, a young adult coming-of-age novel, will publish on March 18, 2021 through Shanachie51 Press. It is currently available for a discounted price on Kindle Pre-order now if you follow the link HERE. Also, you can enter a Goodreads Giveaway HERE. In the meantime, below is a free teaser chapter. It is theContinue reading “FREE CHAPTER! – Chin Music Rhubarb”

An Invisible Asterisk on Irish-America*

Should Andrew Jackson be considered Irish-American? The answer is a resounding yes, but with an invisible asterisk, to be sure, to be sure. Why? Would you call a fisherman a “fish”? He may smell of fish, but that is because he kills them. A Twitter battle between myself and Northern Ireland crime writer Adrian McKintyContinue reading “An Invisible Asterisk on Irish-America*”

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