Back Circle Theory

Note: Back Circle Theory is an approach to analyzing and critically interpreting American culture and politics through a Structuralist and Poststructuralist lens. It is not purely influenced by political science, but includes it, along with sociological and historical modes of analysis. IntroduceThe increased bending of truth in the United States toward ideological extremes is moreContinue reading “Back Circle Theory”

Podcast Review: Democracy Jones

By Sarah Millstein for Podcast Review, A Los Angeles Review of Books Channel Fans of Science Fiction great William Gibson, and TV series like The Walking Dead are experiencing something like a resurgence in Democracy Jones Podcast, a science fiction-horror audio drama podcast by author Eamon Loingsigh.  Listen on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify, or your preferred pod-catcherContinue reading “Podcast Review: Democracy Jones”

New Release A2E8 – Come Together

Democracy Jones Podcast has just released its 26th episode! A2E8 – Come Together. Listen below, or go to your favored pod-catcher. DESCRIPTION: While Captain Dick investigates the recent invastion of Golden Door, the Proud Karens debate on whether or not to reveal Haisley’s true identity to Ellington’s Magistrate.   De’ontay is on a mission toContinue reading “New Release A2E8 – Come Together”

The Premeditation of Evils

Democracy Jones Podcast has released a bonus episode: The Premeditation of Evils is available to listen to here. Description: In this bonus episode we explore some of the foundational principles behind Democracy Jones Podcast. In particular, two books that subtly compare the Late Republic era of Rome to American politics today: Mike Duncan’s The Storm BeforeContinue reading “The Premeditation of Evils”

A2E7 – Sabina

Democracy Jones Podcast has released A2E7 – Sabina. Description: Flashback to 7/13, the President of the United States of America Sabina Xú Manzana and her staff learn about the Pentagon PSYOP masterminded by General Schenk as it unfolds. Chaos ensues. Listen on the player above, or on your favorite pod catcher, or go here: SPOTIFY APPLE Democracy JonesContinue reading “A2E7 – Sabina”

A2E6 – Trial in Golden Door

New Release! Democracy Jones has just released A2E6 – Trial in Golden Door. Listen on Spotify here, Apple here, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Zeke hears gunshots back in Ellington.  Captain Dick hears the same thing on Harlan’s walkie-talkie, and the BATAs converge on Golden Door when they realize it’s a member of TheContinue reading “A2E6 – Trial in Golden Door”

Democracy Jones: A Simulation Dream

A Simulation Dream, or the teaser for Democracy Jones Podcast has been remixed. And WOW! What a difference! This episode was the very first to be released, and the track levels, as well as the overall quality of the recording and voiceover, was no longer up to the improved standards of the show. You canContinue reading “Democracy Jones: A Simulation Dream”

New Release “A2E5 – Brenda’s Agenda”

Democracy Jones Podcast has just released its newest episode: A2E5 – Brenda’s Agenda: Episode Description Captain Dick finds himself having to make a difficult decision and pressures Brenda to side with him against the Venus Genetrix. Abra wants to go on a Girl Adventure to Golden Door Estates and runs right into a nightmare atContinue reading “New Release “A2E5 – Brenda’s Agenda””

Who is Haisley Jones?

Haisley Jones is a hero. But not the chest-out, I’m a bad-ass type hero. She doesn’t want to be a hero at all, actually. She just wants to be normal. You see, Haisley Jones grew up desperately poor in Florida where a girl of mixed race is invisible. Born Haisley Barnes in 2013, she neverContinue reading “Who is Haisley Jones?”

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