Black ’47 – Review

It is a rare moment indeed when a lie that has been passed as history can be righted. But that is exactly what Black ’47, directed by Lance Daly, has done. For 171 years a lie persisted, and even though it cannot be fully overcome, at least the healing may begin. What happened in IrelandContinue reading “Black ’47 – Review”

Garry Barry – Divide the Dawn

Garry Barry – Character in Divide the Dawn   “You see that guy over there? That’s Garry fookin’ Barry. Don’t ever trust’em. He’s a fookin’ psychopath, that one. Trouble, nothin’ but. If he comes up on ya, just play dumb.” ~Cinders Connolly   Garry Barry (b. 1888) In the year he came into being there wasContinue reading “Garry Barry – Divide the Dawn”


Original Youtube webseries Irishtown has released a second episode. Watch here: Based on the popular book series Auld Irishtown, the black and white animated series is told from the perspective of characters. Artists, photographers, video editors, musicians and actors working together under the banner of artofneed Productions have crafted this series.

Irishtown: Episode 1

Irishtown: The only art is survival The web series Irishtown has officially released its first episode. Follow the link below and click on: Irishtown Ep. 1: Treachery of the White Hand. Here: With its noir-influenced, black-and-white style and an ingenious storytelling method of allowing the characters to tell their particular perspective, Irishtown has proven toContinue reading “Irishtown: Episode 1”

Irishtown Update

The web series “Irishtown,” which is based on the first two books of the AULD IRISHTOWN trilogy, has run into some delays. Not to worry though! By no means is it cancelled. Although, we will probably finish two to three episodes before actually releasing anything. That means September is a distinct possibility. Boo! I knowContinue reading “Irishtown Update”

PRESS RELEASE: Irishtown series

 The episodes of “Irishtown” take place immediately following the end of EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET, the second book in the AULD IRISHTOWN trilogy, which is February of 1919. ~ The dramatic stories will be told from the perspective of characters in the books, which, as many of you know, were based on real Brooklynites from theContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE: Irishtown series”