The 7/13 Bible

Democracy Jones: 7/13 is a science fiction-horror novel by Eamon Loingsigh.

This page is the wiki, also known as The Bible, where you can find more detail about the Democracy Jones universe. Bible’s are usually used by screenwriters as a reference document for detailed information about the characters, setting, origin stories and other elements for streaming shows or film projects.

Democracy Jones: 7/13 takes place in the fictional town of Ellington, Florida. It follows the small town’s residents on the day a military coup takes place on Friday the 13th of July, 2040 as they find themselves swept up in the tragic, life-altering event.

On that morning someone lit a wooden cross aflame on the Capitol Grounds ahead of an important vote. Rumors began to circulate, the biggest one from NeuraLuc—>HIH, a famous hacker, who reported evidence online of a Pentagon-hatched coup plot known as The Constitutional Liberty Plan. The drama and brutality that played out on the day of the coup would live in infamy. And would forever be remembered as 7/13.

Main Characters:
~HAISLEY JONES, 27, Liberal, mixed-race, pregnant former Marine, veteran of the Seoul War. While on leave in 2032, she committed suicide, but woke up in a white room to a man leaving. She then moved to New York and got her life together. In 2040, she moves back to her hometown of Ellington, Florida to start a family.
~CAPTAIN DICK, 42, Conservative, Ellington Chief of Police and Army Officer veteran of the Seoul War and Moscow Putsch.
~ABRA FRIDMAN, 5, Liberal, loves cats, wants to be the best.
~DE’ONTAY JONES, 30, Liberal, Husband of Haisley Jones, member of The Crowned.
~ZEKE GREENLEA, 34, Conservative, veteran of the Seoul War, Zeke was conscripted from prison in 2030. His family’s construction business was “Cancelled” by Liberal End-Fluencers. Zeke wants revenge on Isaac Fridman, who funded the Liberal cause to put Greenlea Contracting LLC out of business.

Secondary Characters:
~EMILY STAMPS-VAN ROTEN, 42, Liberal, Wife of Captain Dick and Ellington Mayor. Her campaign for State Senator was funded by Isaac Fridman
~HAMBONE HAMILTON, 72, Conservative, leader of the Crassus Gang.
~BRENDA HAMILTON, 34, Conservative, Mother Martyr, daughter of Hambone.
~MASTER SERGEANT RODNEY LUMBECK, 25, Conservative, head of the 82nd Regiment of the Florida Militia
~GENERAL SCHENK, 56, Conservative, mastermind behind the victories in the Seoul War and the Moscow Putsch. He is also the most powerful lobbyist in Washington
~DR. O, JULIAN OWUSU, 61, Biological Physicist and Mitochondrial Engineer. Lead research that developed dangerous software for neural chips called RHETORIC. Dr. O disappeared in 2030, then reappeared with General Schenk after the successful Moscow Putsch.
~ISAAC FRIDMAN, 58, Liberal, ultra-rich property developer who financially backs Liberal causes and candidates, father of Abra.
~MOSHE FRIDMAN, 18, Liberal, gay anarchist, older brother of Abra
~MOMMY, 40, Liberal, mother of Abra.
~NeuraLuc—>HIH, 29, Liberal, Hacker-in-Hiding. Not much is known about her, other than her profile picture, which is a simple fly on a wall. 
~SABINA Xú MANZANA, 44, Liberal, Mexican-Chinese ancestry, won US Presidential elections in 2032 and 2036. Controversially running for a third term in 2040.
~MONIQUE SHIPLEY, Liberal, 72, popular Liberal journalist/activist who spearheaded the fight to shut down Bernays News Network (below)
~Lt. BARNES – Conservative, murdered in 2030 by his daughter, Haisley Jones. Now appears as a ghost to Captain Dick, his former partner on the Ellington Police Department.
~FYVUSH FINGERHUT, 36, Liberal, mayor of Naples
~IMANI MACK, 24, Liberal, identifies as man, daughter of NFL player
~CAT-FOX NINJA GIRL, 16, Liberal, Asian, cosplayer, real name Fay Kwan, sister of Luo Ying Kwan, a somewhat famous Liberal “End-Fluencer.”
~LAYTON O’HER, 69, Liberal, on the Ellington HS team that won the 1987 state championship, played for the Mets, then coached the Rays.
~JONNI HAMILTON – 37, Hispanic, changed his surname “Hernandez” to Hamilton, his wife’s surname.
~SUA (Save Us All), Conservative, supposedly a man from the future who drops social media posts for BATA followers hyping a conspiracy that Liberals will ruin America unless American patriots stop them in the prophetic year of 2040.
~LT. ADAMS, 38, Liberal police officer, gay woman.
~LT. HUTTENDORF, 41, Liberal police officer, gay man.
~LUO YING KWAN, 18, Chinese, Liberal, cosplayer
~HECTOR, 43, cook at Trump Diner
~JABARI, 56, Liberal, CP Grunt and Security Guard at bank
~MR. EDGAR JOHNSTON, 51, Liberal, Gay, Manager at bank
~SUSAN SONTAG JONES – Haisley and Deontay’s miniature Schnauzer
~LIVY – Cat next door to the Fridman home.
~HARLAN DUNN – 59, Conservative, BATA.
~GATOR DUNN – Harlan Dunn’s kitten.
~VITO – 29, Conservative, nurse.
~ELIJAH JENNINGS MARION (1979-2036), Conservative, longed to bring together the Liberal and Conservative parties. Won the 2036 Republican nomination for President of the US, but was poisoned to death before the election. General Schenk blamed Manzana. Manzana blamed Schenk.

To listen to The 7/13 Soundtrack, which features songs based on the major themes of the science fiction-horror novel, Democracy Jones: 7/13, go HERE.


NEURAL CHIPS – In 2030, Dr. O developed software for neural chips that had incredibly dangerous computing power, called RHETORIC. Instead of releasing it to the general market, he disappeared. And so did RHETORIC. The use of regular neural chips became very popular with Liberals, albeit without RHETORIC‘s software. Conservatives took a polemic stance against them and argued that they control people’s minds.

THE SOCIAL WAR was not in fact a war, but a Conservative political and rhetorical construct that essentially waged culture war against perceived elitist Liberal domination of American culture. Conservatives argued that 7/13, when the Constitutional Liberty Plan was put in place, would effectively end the Social War because Conservatives would take that power back and “Brighten America’s Traditions Again.”

BRIGHTEN AMERICA’S TRADITIONS AGAIN (BATA) – General Alexander Schenk’s political slogan. His followers are known as BATAs.

THE SEOUL WAR (2030-2033) – Was an armed conflict between the United States/South Korea vs China/North Korea. After almost four years, it was suddenly ended by surprisingly brutal tactics taken by General Schenk. Afterward, he effectively colonized Chinese and Korean businesses and extracted their wealth. Officially, Elijah Jennings Marion, a moderate Conservative general and politician, was credited with winning the war, but General Schenk was the mastermind.

END-FLUENCERS – Liberal Influencers who utilize their in-group power to cancel out-group Conservative voices by shaming them, digging into their past, doxxing them and generally harassing the public into believing they embody evil until the person being attacked cannot get a job, or go anywhere outside of Conservative neighborhoods.

MOSCOW PUTSCH (2036) – In a shocking move, General Schenk and his followers overthrew the Russian government by kidnapping the most powerful oligarchs, tactical bombing raids and invading Moscow/Kremlin. All of this was accomplished without consulting Congress or President Manzana.

BERNAYS NEWS NETWORK (2031-2039), was a Conservative news channel that was shut down by President Sabina Xú Manzana and the Department of Homeland Security via the controversial Algorithm Sabotage campaign after the network called American militias and BATAs to violence against Manzana’s administration.

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE (July 13, 2040) – President Sabina Xu Manzana, running for third term as president, convinced Congress to have a Vote of Confidence, questioning General Schenk’s fitness to run on the Republican ticket. Conservatives saw this as a political power move to undermine his legitimacy, while Liberals claimed it was needed.

MARCH ON WASHINGTON – After the Moscow Putsch in 2036, President Manzana and Congress officially relieved General Schenk of his duty and sent a new general to take over command. But the military was more loyal to General Schenk than to Congress and murdered the new general as soon as he arrived in Moscow. General Schenk then led his army across the Atlantic Ocean for Washington. The act was unprecedented and shocking. President Manzana called it treasonous and went into hiding. In a press conference with Dr. O after he arrived from Russia, General Schenk promptly resigned. But he had proven his point already: He had more power than the president, but decided himself not to take over.

CP GRUNTS – “Kill till ya die,” is their motto. In 2030, General Schenk lobbied to conscript millions of prisoners into the military. The majority of conscripted prisoners were Black and were sent on suicide-diversionary missions that led to overwhelming casualties in order to stop the spread of Socialism in Asia.

THE CROWNED – After the Seoul War, college-educated African-Americans united with Black CP Grunts during the Color Fodder Protests (2032-2034) and influenced President Manzana to pass laws to give free housing and healthcare to those who were conscripted from prison and sent on suicide missions during the Seoul War. Original members of The Crowned came together via college fraternities/sororities and utilized lax gun laws to arm themselves. Members of The Crowned often wear jeweled diadems. BATAs call them “Black Bourgeois Terrorists” and refer to the Color Fodder Protests as “Riots.”

SOCIAL BOT – Was a politically-charged pejorative during the Dirty Thirties used by BATAs to describe any Liberal “Socialist” person who had power and was persuasive. In this way, the person was discredited as if they were some sort of computer-engineered activist (re: myth of the “paid protester”) using algorithms to sabotage the true American patriots.

CRASSUS GANG – A violent motorcycle gang in Ellington made up of older-generation BATAs. They are fierce supporters of General Schenk and are often armed with their own weapons and modify old tanks and F950s with heavy weaponry. They are known as being very undisciplined and obese. Their leader is Hambone Hamilton.

82nd REGIMENT of the FLORIDA MILITIA – During the Dirty Thirties, Conservative militias popped up in most rural and suburbs towns. They are made up of locals who were former or current military members from all branches of service. The majority of them are loyal to General Schenk due to the plunder he shared with them after the Moscow Putsch as well as successfully lobbying for free healthcare and housing for them in Congress. They are known as being highly disciplined.

MOTHER MARTYR and PROUD KARENS – In 2036, after conservative politician Elijah Jennings Marion died, a wild conspiracy claimed god was so angry that he made thousands of children disappear across America. Mother Martyrs were their mothers. But General Schenk gave Mother Martyrs power over all local Proud Karens, who are essentially female BATAs.

VietPopPorn GIRLS QUINTET – Controversially, the five-piece girls dance/sing quintet were actually Chinese. Because the lead singer was a distant relative of American President Sabina Xú Manzana’s matriarchal genealogy, this group was able to connect agents with the creators of the greatest television event of all time, Ringlorn. Their authentic cosplay outfits alone made billions of dollars in profit in the first week of sales. The two most popular outfits were “Princess Fuck You” (worn by Luo Ying) and “Cat-Fox Ninja Girl” (worn by Fay Kwan).

GREENLEA CONTRACTING LLC – Was a construction contractor originally signed to deforest part of the western Everglades contiguous with Ellington and develop an upscale, gated housing community called Golden Door Estates. When it refused to sell a home to a gay couple, Isaac Fridman, a billionaire activist and property developer, financed a case against Greenlea Contracting and bankrolled Liberal “End-fluencers” to turn it into a Liberal cause. Greenlea Contracting was then socially “cancelled” and a judge liquidated the company. Fridman then took over the development of Golden Door Estates.

RINGLORN – Was a webseries that was by far the biggest pop culture/entertainment brand of all time during the Dirty Thirties. It became so big, that all other web series, television programs, movies, documentaries and the like disappeared after Ringlorn blew up. The hero of the story, of course, was the famous actress-turned-Liberal president of the United States of America, Sabina Xú Manzana, fighting righteously against tradition and the powerful Conservative Senatorial oligarchy. The series itself was based on the nonfiction book “Archetypes of the Late Republic” by Elem Aizenshdadt, about the Late Republic of Rome and the opposing characters that together ruined democracy in the ancient world (Marius, Sulla, Sulpicius, Saturninus, Pompey, Crassus. . .).

SolipCity – New York City, according to BATAs. So called because people who live there are so consumed by their own solipsism, that they bump into each other without even realizing it.

ELLINGTON, FLORIDA – Ellington is a fictional small town in Southwest Florida, east of Naples on the edge of the Everglades. It has four major neighborhoods:
1) Royal Palms (North) is where the majority of middle class white families live
2) Chatham Projects Town (South) is mostly Black, Hispanic
3) Golden Door Estates (East) is an upscale gated community that was recently built by cutting into the Everglades. Many of its residents live there part-time as Snowbirds with their northern money.
4) Downtown (West) is where most of the economic action happens. Ellington High School is there as well as Bank of the Constitutional Republic, Lucullus Coffee Shop, Trump Diner, City Hall and the Ellington Police Department.