Reviews for Democracy Jones: 7/13

Since Democracy Jones: 7/13 was published on, you guessed it, July 13, reviews are now starting to trickle in. Here are some highlights so far: Annika Nilsson on Goodreads was REALLY paying attention! Check out how well they articulated the themes and subtext. ANNIKA NILSSON’S REVIEW: Even though this book takes place in 2040, it isContinue reading “Reviews for Democracy Jones: 7/13”

Why I Wrote A Scifi Horror Novel About A Coup In The US

7/28/2023 Note: Due to high traffic and interest in Democracy Jones: 7/13, the publisher has lowered prices for the paperback and Kindle versions. We are very grateful for the emerging concerns that are highlighted in this scifi horror novel and wanted to pass along savings to readers. The dangerous bifurcation of values, the reliance onContinue reading “Why I Wrote A Scifi Horror Novel About A Coup In The US”


A science fiction-horror novel In the tradition of George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World comes a deep warning that if current behaviors continue, democracy in the United States could fall in an eerily similar fashion as the Roman Republic did over 2,000 years earlier. Collective narcissism by competing ideologies leads to fighting in Congress, assassinations andContinue reading “DEMOCRACY JONES: 7/13”