A Horror About Democracy?

Twitter critics who suddenly found this show have been asking, ‘why write a horror podcast about Democracy?’ Well, Jan. 6, 2021 was a pretty horrifying event. I bet it scared you too. It caused me to think, “what if we lose democracy, like the Romans did? Is this the beginning of the end? How canContinue reading “A Horror About Democracy?”

Excited for DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast

Horror Pod DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast (DJP) is excited to share that episode AIE9 – Run For Your Life has obliterated all previous records for downloads. We have also received a number of media and interview requests, though I’m a little hesitant about such things. Instead, I offer direct links to the episode and some informationContinue reading “Excited for DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast”

Review of DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast

Kendall Reviews has taken up DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast as a favorite and gave it a very positive review. Unfortunately I am unable to share it, so I copy/pasted it below. Please visit their link HERE to view the whole thing. Blending the historical fall of Late Republic Rome, American politics, science fiction, horror, and satireContinue reading “Review of DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast”

It’s Not Too Late (Jan. 6 Bonus Episode)

DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast has released a bonus episode on the anniversary of Jan. 6. Have a listen to what inspired the creation of the Science Fiction-Horror podcast. Go Here: https://democracyjones.libsyn.com/its-not-too-late contact: artofneed@gmail.com

Learning from our Mistakes

If the founders of US Democracy turned to the Roman Republic as an example of how to create a Democratic society, why wouldn’t we turn to its fall to AVOID the collapse of Democracy? DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast does. By comparing the Late Republic period of Rome with near-future American Democracy, DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast seeks toContinue reading “Learning from our Mistakes”


A Parnassian is an archetype of the middle/upper middle class, even elites, who had an uneventful, sheltered childhood and received a respectable education who nonetheless believe they are entitled to have something eventful, relevant or important to add to the literary canon. Every generation in the book industry has a very large Parnassian clique who dominate discussion concerning whatContinue reading “Parnassianism”


Haisley and De’ontay Jones are ready to start a family. Then. . . They move to Florida. Horror ensues. DEMOCRACY JONES is a science fiction-horror & dark humor audio drama podcast. Listen to the Trailer for Democracy Jones Podcast below Democracy Jones is a serial podcast. Begin at the Teaser (above), then Opening Crawl, thenContinue reading “DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast”


It’s only been out a week or so, but young adult, coming-of-age novel CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB has gotten a lot of very good reviews so far. ~”Layton’s story touched me, because I feel like many authors don’t like to talk about the things that Layton goes through. It was a refreshingly new way of writingContinue reading “Real Reviews of CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB”

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