Why I Wrote A Scifi Horror Novel About A Coup In The US

7/28/2023 Note: Due to high traffic and interest in Democracy Jones: 7/13, the publisher has lowered prices for the paperback and Kindle versions. We are very grateful for the emerging concerns that are highlighted in this scifi horror novel and wanted to pass along savings to readers. The dangerous bifurcation of values, the reliance on rhetoric in place of sound logic and the sociopolitical antagonism we are witnessing ahead of the 2024 elections can, and should be quelled. If it isn’t, the horrifying, worst-case scenario depicted in this novel may transpire.

Today we bear witness as brash, irresponsible and unapologetic politicians and cultural influencers from the two dominant American ideologies denounce each other, while enforcing the belief systems within their own echo chambers. 

Democracy Jones: 7/13 is a scifi horror novel recently published.

This sociopolitical divide has become increasingly entrenched in the United States. Yet most Americans seem unaware of the dangers lurking behind this adversarial relationship. Most anthropologists and sociologists argue that all cultures naturally become divided. But not all become violent along those divisions.

Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives, Socialists vs. Capitalists, however the two dominant ideologies are named is much less important as how they are becoming increasingly oppositional. To the point at which they, the country’s dominant bipolar groups, are showing respective authoritarian behaviors to gain control over the world’s unipolar power system.  

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The history of human civilizations tells us that this is a dangerous dichotomy in a democracy. Could the conflict between these oppositional ideologies continue to accelerate and result in a coup or civil war in America? 

Democracy Jones: 7/13 plays out the worst case scenario; that over the next 15 years or so, that divide turns into a complete bifurcation of value systems which compete for dominance in independent democratic American institutions, as neither are able to get a clear majority. 

Of course we all know the answer to solving this problem; compromise. Yet we have already travelled so far down the road of partisanship that compromise has too often become a synonym for weakness. 

What could cause a civil war or coup? What would be the turning point? Wouldn’t it be gradual? Or would it be one inciting issue or event that would cause the relationship to go from oppositional to outright violent hostility? 

Democracy Jones: 7/13 is a scifi horror novel recently published.

In Democracy Jones: 7/13 I chose a technological breakthrough as the cause for the breaking point. Seemingly outside the purview of important issues that divide Americans, technology is a power structure all its own, which the worst type of demagogue would see as a great opportunity if they were able to control it. 

In this scifi horror novel, it is no coincidence that the dangerous technological breakthrough that knocks the relations off its semi-peaceful axis is named Rhetoric

Since earliest times humanity has endeavored to develop systems of organization to meet group challenges, rhetoric has been a powerful tool to consolidate power. To narrow it down, rhetoric can be defined as the art of persuasion. There is great value in all societies for those of us who have the ability to persuade people. Politicians, influencers, actors, CEOs, lawyers, philosophers and anyone placed in a position of power or leadership have a great ability to speak and act in a manner that persuades audiences to follow along, or even submit to their premises.

Rhetoric has the ability to do great and wonderful things, of course, but it also can be used for manipulative means to nefarious ends. The software for neural chips in this science fiction story was called Rhetoric by its creator Dr. O because of two main reasons; the ability to persuade people, and the dangerous effects it can have on society. 

The novel’s opening sentences describe Rhetoric‘s usage as neural implant chip software that gives a user “the ability to mathematically calculate weakness in a binary opposite, deconstruct it and formulate plans to capitalize, via probabilities.” 

Is it so far-fetched to believe artificial intelligence could be used to map plans for an incident that incites a civil war, an assassination or a military coup?

In the wrong hands, such as a Trumpian-style politician whose support mainly comes from the military and police in the United States of the year 2040, the consequences are devastating. 

For more about the mode of analysis utilized in Democracy Jones: 7/13, please read Back Circle Theory


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