“Mind bending dystopian fiction with sharp-witted satire,” DEMOCRACY JONES PodioBook is Science Fiction-Horror in its rawest form.

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A2E2 – Shadows & Scapegoats

De’ontay finds himself pushed aside by Fyvush as the refugee camp out in the Everglades begins to fall apart, struggling to secure resources while being haunted by their Shadow.

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Season 2 has begun!

In the year 2040, a cult-like military general rises out of the Republican Party and spearheads a violent coup against a repressive Democratic administration. In the suburbs, General Schenk’s loyal followers brutalize Black and Hispanic neighborhoods while looting the liberal elite. Millions are killed or uprooted.

Survivors run to the mountains, national parks and major cities, leaving everything behind. Haisley Jones, a pregnant former Marine who was chosen as General Schenk’s binary opposite, must begin the fight to revive democracy.

Published by Eamon

Eamon Loingsigh is a shortlisted author of historical novels, YA, poetry, speculative fiction and the Science Fiction-Horror podcast DEMOCRACY JONES: 7/13. He earned a degree in Journalism and has written for the Associated Press, The Guardian, Tampa Bay Times and many other publications.

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