Democracy Jones – Book Series

Horror/SF Book Series Democracy Jones or Adventures in End Phase Western Democracy.

First book, Democracy Jones: 7/13 to be published 2022.

In the year 2040 a cult-like military general rises out of the Republican Party and spearheads a violent insurrection against a repressive Democratic administration. In the suburbs, General Schenk’s loyal followers brutalize Black and Hispanic neighborhoods while looting the liberal elite. Millions are killed or uprooted. Survivors run to the mountains, national parks and major cities, leaving behind everything. And it is there where they must begin the fight to revive democracy.

In the voice of its author, listen to an audio description:

Transcription of the audio:
“Suppose there’s a superpower at our fingertips, but we fail to ever utilize it? This superpower can literally predict the future, with probabilities. Now suppose our society fails because we never utilize this superpower. Yet it was there all along. What would our legacy be? 

“What is the superpower? Well what’s the best way to predict the future, now? Look to the past. Because there are cross-cultural universalities among all humans in every civilization. We should study these cross-cultural universalities as if they were our own psyche, or genetic code. Because that is when tendencies arise. We can have this information and foresee decline. Or even precipitate rise. I can promise you that cultures in the future will utilize this superpower. I hope in order to protect Democracy. Because Democracy must be the future. Democracy must be saved.

“I’m scared for Democracy right now. I’m scared, so I decided to write a horror. I’m scared of mob violence, I’m scared of rhetoric. I’m scared of the righteous responses to mob violence and rhetoric. So, I present to you Democracy Jones, or, Adventures in End Phase Western Democracy.” 

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