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Few books have had this much excitement surrounding release, but Divide the Dawn is coming soon. In anticipation, an artist collective has sketched the characters as they appear in 1919. The book, due out this Fall, takes place 100 years ago: “New York is a gangland where our ancestors fight for survival.”

They are the walking wounded. The warriors who fought to give us a chance at a better life, for we are the dream of our nascent ancestors. Not everyone can survive the blood feuds and gang wars, but all dare to chant the subtle prayer:
Fertile Hope Springs from Despair.

Click links to read about the characters in Divide the Dawn . Go to the bottom of this page for a list of all characters.


Dinny Meehan – Divide the Dawn

Dinny Meehan – Leader of the gang known as The White Hand.
(art by Sebastian MacLaughlin)


Dinny Meehan

Bill Lovett – Summoned from the dead to fulfill a prophecy
(art by Sebastian MacLaughlin)


Wild Bill Lovett


Liam Garrity – Divide the Dawn

Liam Garrity – Irishtown’s last shanachie (art by Guy Denning)


Liam Garrity

The Swede – Terrorist of Brooklyn’s Irishtown (art by Guy Denning)


The Swede


Vincent Maher – Divide the Dawn

Vincent Maher – Charmer with a .38 caliber.


Vincent Maher


Sadie Meehan – Divide the Dawn

Sadie Meehan – A terrible decision hangs over her


Sadie & L’il Dinny Meehan


Harry Reynolds – Divide the Dawn

Harry Reynolds – Weighted down by the secrets he protects with a shiv.


Harry Reynolds


Richie Lonergan – Divide the Dawn

Richie Lonergan – Pegleg’d assassin
(art by Sebastian MacLaughlin & Thomas Kerr)


Pegleg Lonergan


Anna Lonergan – Divide the Dawn

Anna Lonergan – Her shield is cruelty.


Anna Lonergan


William Brosnan – Divide the Dawn

William Brosnan – (The Law) Haunted by a dark past


William Brosnan & Daniel Culkin

Mary Lonergan – Mourning Mother Mary


Mourning Mother Mary Lonergan


Jonathan G. Wolcott – Divide the Dawn

Jonathan G. Wolcott – (Waterfront Assembly) The fat man of Anglo New York
(art by Sebastian MacLaughlin)


Jonathan G. Wolcott


Darby Leighton – Divide the Dawn

Darby Leighton – (The Exiled) A man of the shadows
(art by Sebastian MacLaughlin)


Darby Leighton


The Gas Drip Bard – Divide the Dawn

The Gas Drip Bard – Irishtown’s shanachie (art by Sebastian MacLaughlin)


The Gas Drip Bard


Thos Carmody – Divide the Dawn

Thos Carmody – (ILA) Quick Thos, the cockroach that didn’t die.


Quick Thos Carmody


Sixto Stabile – Divide the Dawn

Sixto Stabile – (The Black Hand) Raised in South Brooklyn, educated at Harvard


Sixto Stabile


Garry Barry – Divide the Dawn

Garry Barry – the wraith whose middle name is “fookin'” (Garry fookin’ Barry)
(art by Sebastian MacLaughlin)


Garry fookin’ Barry


Mam Garrity – Divide the Dawn

Mam Garrity – Lost so much of what she created


Mam Garrity


Pickles Leighton – Divide the Dawn

Pickles Leighton – King of the Inside of Sing Sing Penitentiary


Pickles Leighton


Mickey Kane – Divide the Dawn

Mickey Kane – The future died with him (art by Thomas Kerr)


Mickey Kane

Petey Behan – Blathering rowdy (art by Guy Denning)


Petey Cutpurse Behan


Thomas Burke – Divide the Dawn

Thomas Burke – Trapped in the gang war.


Thomas Burke


Christie Maroney – Divide the Dawn

Christie Maroney – The Gold-Toothed Larrikin (art by Joseph Guillette)


Christie Maroney


Tanner Smith – Divide the Dawn

Tanner Smith – Is doomed.


Tanner Smith


The White Hand:

Dinny Meehan – Leader
The Swede – Enforcer

Vincent Maher – Enforcer
Liam Poe Garrity – Teen Irish immigrant
Harry The Shiv Reynolds – Atlantic Avenue Terminal
Cinders Connolly – Jay & Fulton street terminals
Cute Charlie Red Donnelly – The Navy Yard
The Lark Gibney – Baltic Street Terminal
Feeble Philip Large – Hand of Cinders at Jay & Fulton Street terminals
Big Dick Morissey – Hand of The Lark at Baltic Street Terminal
Henry Browne – Hand of Red at the Navy Yard, informant
Other Whitehanders:
Mickey Kane – Murdered cousin of Dinny Meehan, Former Red Hook dockboss
Thomas Burke – Lives below Liam
Chisel McGuire – Numbers guru, scam artist
Dance Gillen – Half-black, half-Irish
Paddy Keenan – Tender, Minister of Education
Dago Tom Montague – Half-Italian, half-Irish

Eddie & Freddie – Best friends
Ragtime Howard – Whiskey drunk
Beat McGarry – Old-timer, storyteller
Happy Maloney – WWI vet, sent with Sadie
James Hart – Teamster, quarantined with the grippe
Needles Ferry – Drug Addict

Lovett Gang:
Wild Bill Lovett – Leader, WWI vet
Non Connors – First Lieutenant, WWI vet
One-arm Joey Flynn – Second Lieutenant, WWI vet
Richie Pegleg Lonergan – Third Lieutenant
Frankie Byrne – Fourth Lieutenant
Darby Leighton – Emissary
Lonergan Crew:
Abe Harms – German Jew, Richie’s righthand
Petey Behan – Feuds with Liam Garrity
Matty Martin – In love with Anna
Timothy Quilty – Teen prizefighter
The Trench Rabbits
John Lonergan – Richie & Anna’s father, Mary’s husband
Joey Behan – Brother of Petey
James Quilty – Brother of Timmy
Jidge Seaman – Frankie Byrne follower
Sean Healy – Frankie Byrne follower 

The Black Hand:
Sixto Stabile – Owner of Adonis Social Club, Yale’s emissary for longshoremen racket
Stick’em Jack Stabile – Sixto’s father
Frankie Yale, Prince o’ Pals – Leader in Brooklyn

Lucy the Man – Cousin of murdered Giovanni Buttacavoli

International Longshoreman’s Association (ILA):
Thos Carmody – Treasurer, New York, WWI vet

King Joe Ryan – VP of New York
Paul Vaccarelli – VP of New York

T.V. O’Connor – President

The Law:
William Brosnan – Detective
Daniel Culkin – Patrolman, son-in-law of Brosnan
Ferris – Patrolman
Sullivan – Captain at Poplar Street Station

The Waterfront Assembly:
Jonathan G. Wolcott – President

Amadeusz “Wiz the Lump” Wisniewski – Wolcott’s Muscle
Garry Barry – Low level gang member 
James Cleary – Barry’s lone crony
The Leech Vandeleurs – Slumlord in Brooklyn
Pakenham – Reporter 
Sadie Meehan (née Leighton) – Wife of Dinny Meehan
L’il Dinny “John” Meehan – Son of Sadie and Dinny 
Pickles Leighton – Sing Sing prisoner since 1913
Frank Leighton – Eldest Leighton brother, emigrated with cousin Sadie

Anna Lonergan – Sister of Richie Lonergan

Mary Lonergan – Mother of Richie & Anna Lonergan
Tanner Smith – Greenwich Village dockboss, Meehan associate
Ligeia Guida DeSantis – Italian fiancé of Darby Leighton
Colleen Rose – Daughter of Ligeia and Darby
Dead Reilly – Gang lawyer
Doirean Culkin (née Brosnan) – Wife of Daniel Culkin, daughter of Detective Brosnan
Maureen Egan – Old best friend of Doirean Culkin
Whyo Mullen & Will Sutton – ten year-olds, Irishtown natives
The Bard – Old Irishtown Storyteller, shanachie
Christie Maroney – Gang leader in Irishtown, 1900-1912
Father Larkin – Priest at St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church
Mr. Lynch – Greenwich Village saloon owner, Hibernian societies
Johnny Spanish – Shylock & labor slugger 

Rose Leighton – Sadie Meehan’s mother

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