Real-People Reviews of Eamon Loingsigh

I don’t know about you, but when I’m considering buying a book I read regular people

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on Goodreads and Amazon to get the truth. There’s too much publicity that you have to sift through to get the truth. So here are some reviews by real people who have read and reviewed some of the books by Eamon Loingsigh, an author who has been shortlisted for the 2016 Langum Prize in American Historical Fiction.


Quotes from REAL People:

“From the very first pages I was taken back to this time, fully immersed in this time period. . . Extremely well written, so authentically portrayed and covered a period I hadn’t read before.”
~From Diane S., Goodreads #5 Best Reviewers 

“At once poetic and gritty. . . a wonderful piece of historical fiction, written beautifully.”
~Angela M., Goodreads #15 Best Reviewer

“The author again proves himself to be a gifted storyteller possessed of a vivid sense of history. Delightful is his ability to take us back in time to a forgotten corner of Brooklyn.”
~Father Ray Roden, Amazon

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“What Eamon Loingsigh points out very consciously, is that all things must cchange to move forward, and yet there are those that do not want things to change.”
~Carie, Goodreads

“Loingsigh captures the poetic texture of the language. . . persuasive, very skillful and seductive. An impressive achievement indeed.”
~John, Goodreads.

“I liked the atmospheric quality of his narrative and the depravity he wasn’t afraid to depict within these pages.”
~Historical Novel Society

“Eamon Loingsigh is a stellar author and I love his work.”
~Brett McAteer, Amazon

“Eamon Loingsigh is an excellent writer. Once one opens to read they become part of the story. You are right there. . . He has written an amazing story.”
~Eileen Scarpello, Amazon







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2 thoughts on “Real-People Reviews of Eamon Loingsigh

  1. Sir, I just finished the third of the trilogy, Divide the dawn, You are an amazing author and somebody that can be well placed in the group of incredible Irish authors. But I gotta tell you that I’m not happy about Dinny and Liam’s ending. the prologue was especially distressing. I’m not happy bout’ that. I know there’s more to come but come on, can’t we win a little. Well we did get Petey Behan knocked out but that’s not enough. Now Dinny and Liam have to go back and be tortured by Coulkin? Come on man! Love you story. thanks.

    1. Richard,
      Thank you for reading it through to the end. It means a lot to me. I understand it’s difficult to accept.
      The story does have an end, but Divide the Dawn: Fight is not it. There is much more to tell. Liam is on a journey and must go to the Bard next, as many around him have urged. Dinny is seriously injured and needs someone to step in and rule in his place. Darby must get his brother Pickles free so Bill can get his Scofflaw army in place to take Irishtown. Anna has eyes on crowning her brother Richie, but first must convince Bill to protect Grace, the star witness in Pickles’ retrial. Sadie is safe in Connecticut, but her husband is mortally injured and she worries about the future of Darby’s daughter with Ligeia, Colleen Rose. Thos is trying to organize a general strike amongst the longshoremen gangs. And Daniel’s hold on power over the Irishtown with Garry Barry now atop the Dock Loaders Club is tenuous since both Bill and Dinny’s followers are set to be released soon. Stay tuned and please consider writing your thoughts on this book in an Amazon review.
      Thanks again Richard,

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