Irishtown – Soundtrack for Divide the Dawn

If you hit play, it will cycle through all of the songs of Irishtown, soundtrack for historical novel Divide the Dawn.











Writings of Eamon Loingsigh

Revolt on Mount Parnassus: An Allegory in Copy/Paste—

Revolt on Mount Parnassus: An Allegory in Copy/Paste : Literary Kicks

Introduction PARIS – AUGUST, 1870 – An incorrigible, horrible genius. A fifteen year-old! disembarks at Rue de Maubeuge. A concussion of uncombed hair infested with a plague of lice. Soiled clothing. A homicidal cupid with the enormous hands of a strangler. A smarmy smirk, perfect skin, a beautiful terror with cherub lips and a pernicious […]

About dead poet and Warhol “superstar” Taylor Mead—

On 19th Century French writer/poet LAUTREAMONT:—

“Why I Wrote Light of the Diddicoy” at LitKicks—

Why I Wrote “Light of the Diddicoy” : Literary Kicks

(Eamon Loingsigh is a New York City novelist who has written articles for Litkicks about Lautreamont, J. D. Salinger and Taylor Mead. His latest work is Light of the Diddicoy, and here’s how this novel came to be.) First things first, I have no choice but to write. I am a writer.

Manifeste Maudit—

2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Associated Press)–

2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade (The Guardian)–

St Patrick’s day parade or charade? Irish Americans divided on gay rights

s a child in an Irish-American family that had moved to the bedroom communities of New York, as so many Irish-American New Yorkers have over the years, going back to the city for the St Patrick’s Day Parade was an event on par with the World Series. Even as big as Christmas.

Whiskey Wars of Brooklyn’s Irishtown in Irish Central–

Brooklyn’s forgotten Irishtown and the whiskey wars it waged (PHOTOS) |

The Famine Irish settled along the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhoods in large numbers after the Great Hunger and continued pouring in throughout the late 1800s. From Greenpoint to the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn wards were filled with families looking for regular work and the piers and docks where the ships let off provided the best opportunity.

Book Reviews
Review of Colin Broderick’s “That’s That”—

Whitey Bulger Book Review at The Wild Geese—

Review of Tim Pat Coogan’s THE FAMINE PLOT for—

Short Story
“Longing Eyebrows” tribute to Seamus Heaney—



On mainstream media for—

Article just months before USA invades Iraq—

Article on politics in Spain, election of Socialists—

Article on Dr. Sami Al-Arian—

Tampa Campus Mirrors Middle East

TAMPA ­ Dr. Sami Al-Arian is a tenured professor of computer engineering at the University of South Florida, a stateless Palestinian and a poster child not only for abuses of civil liberties, but the defense of academic freedom since Sept. 11. On Sept.

Article on Nahla Al-Arian—

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