Escape to America

In support of all immigrants, their dreams and hopes, whether they be African, Mexican, Syrian or Irish, I am posting the first couple chapters of Light of the Diddicoy (2014), for free. It details the journey in October, 1915 of Liam Garrity from County Clare, Ireland to Brooklyn, New York. The Irish started coming to theContinue reading “Escape to America”

Brooklyn, 2017

Like most people, I was ready for 2016 to end. Unfortunately, I don’t see things getting all that better for the evolution of humankind. We’re going to take a step backward in time from some of the progress we’ve made. But as some have pointed out, it’ll probably be good for punk rock, at least. Let’s hope it’llContinue reading “Brooklyn, 2017”

Who was Vercingetorix?

It is nearly always invisible dangers that are most terrifying.  With these words by Julius Caesar do we get to know Vercingetorix, a Celtic tribal leader that led a revolt in Gaul against Rome in 52BC. After defeat at Avaricum (modern France), Vercingetorix and the thousands of Celtic troops that pledged to him retreated with heavyContinue reading “Who was Vercingetorix?”

The Famine Plot (book review)

  The following book review appeared on BOOKSLUT, an edgy lit-blog for up and coming writers. Unfortunately the site is closing down this week, so we though it would be a good idea to blog it here.  Enjoy! EAMON LOINGSIGH THE FAMINE PLOT: ENGLAND’S ROLE IN IRELAND’S GREATEST TRAGEDY BY TIM PAT COOGAN Outside ofContinue reading “The Famine Plot (book review)”

Irish-American, What does it mean?

The past has always spoken to the Irish. With a legacy of anguish, the Irish often see the past in the frustrations of the present. A people under attack. Over four hundred years since the introduction of the Penal Laws. One hundred and seventy years since The Great Hunger. Exactly one hundred years since theContinue reading “Irish-American, What does it mean?”

Patrick Pearse: Poet

“My eyes have been wet with the tears of children.” ~Patrick Pearse As we’ve ended the centennial celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising, the beginning of Ireland’s fight for independence from Britain and hail the release of Divide the Dawn, one name stands above all the rest: Pádraig Anraí Mac Piarais, more commonly known by his anglicized name, PatrickContinue reading “Patrick Pearse: Poet”

Tanner Smith’s

A great new bar & restaurant has opened in Manhattan, and it’s closely related to the Divide the Dawn.   Based on the real life West Side gangster Thomas “Tanner” Smith (1887-1919), who is also a character in Divide the Dawn, the new establishment mixes classic early 20th Century charm with an elegant modern touch. Tanner Smith’s, Located in the TheatreContinue reading “Tanner Smith’s”

Excerpt: Exile on Bridge Street

A small excerpt from: EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET (October 2016) by Eamon Loingsigh Listen here:   Ch. 13 Scalpeen Memories January and the bite is murderous. The whipping wind whistles off the water where under the bridges we huddle, hands covering ears. The sky is as hard looking as the cement under our feet, and theContinue reading “Excerpt: Exile on Bridge Street”

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