Anna Lonergan – Divide the Dawn

Anna Lonergan – Character in Divide the Dawn “The first thing I do in the mornin’? I brush my hair an’ sharpen my tongue.” ~Anna Lonergan Anna Lonergan (b. 1901) is the younger sister of famed White Hand gang member Richie “Pegleg” Lonergan. An old Irish woman who survived Ireland’s Great Hunger deems her, “A prophetess, an evilContinue reading “Anna Lonergan – Divide the Dawn”

Jonathan G. Wolcott – Divide the Dawn

Jonathan G. Wolcott – Character in Divide the Dawn “(Wolcott) will reign from above, unseen. Our greatest enemy resides in a safe distance across a body of water, up high where the future will be orchestrated. . . Our fate will be decided by an untouchable enemy.”~Liam Garrity Jonathan G. Wolcott (b. 1853), also known asContinue reading “Jonathan G. Wolcott – Divide the Dawn”

Tanner Smith – Divide the Dawn

Tanner Smith – Character in Divide the Dawn  “King Joe says he don’ wanna hire ya, Tanner. Seems as though Thos Carmody don’ really like ya much. And since Thos has the king’s ear, ya’re out.” ~Dinny Meehan Tanner Smith (b. 1887) is doomed. A desperate opportunist and powerful fist fighter, he has made enemies of theContinue reading “Tanner Smith – Divide the Dawn”

Thos Carmody – Divide the Dawn

Thos Carmody – Character in Divide the Dawn “The White Hand gang just firebombed the damn place and didn’t even kill Carmody.” ~Wild Bill Lovett Thos (short for Thomas, b. 1890) Carmody, also known as Quick Thos, has somehow survived multiple murder attempts and the Great War. Thos is a childhood friend of famed West SideContinue reading “Thos Carmody – Divide the Dawn”

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