William Brosnan – Divide the Dawn

William Brosnan – Character in Divide the Dawn “They’re comin’ now, just slow. Gatherin’ up like a giant swell, they’ll swallow ye like the great suck o’ the ocean and leave ye bathin’ in a welter o’ yer own blood and bones, all o’ ye. Oh they’re comin’, sure enough. Slow and sure o’ themselves.” ~WilliamContinue reading “William Brosnan – Divide the Dawn”

Sixto Stabile – Divide the Dawn

Sixto Stabile – Character in Divide the Dawn “They shooed the whore away an’ tied me to the bed. Then this Ivy League dago comes in, duded up like he’s some gaudy business man with a pinky ring. But you can’t put a blond wig on a guerrilla and convince me her name’s Mary.” ~VincentContinue reading “Sixto Stabile – Divide the Dawn”

Sadie Meehan – Divide the Dawn

Sadie Meehan – Character in Divide the Dawn “Sadie looks up into my eyes and smiles. She wipes a tear away and hugs me. And so does L’il Dinny, hugging me by the leg. She whispers to me, ‘Now you need to start makin’ a plan for yourself an’ your family, to escape Brooklyn.’” ~Liam GarrityContinue reading “Sadie Meehan – Divide the Dawn”

Darby Leighton – Divide the Dawn

Darby Leighton – Character in Divide the Dawn  “Knowing things is what I’m known for, and I’m the guy waiting in the long shadows to use them against you.” ~Darby Leighton Darby Leighton – (b. 1890) is a man of the shadows. Sickly and with calm, dead eyes, he has the look of a lostContinue reading “Darby Leighton – Divide the Dawn”

Pickles Leighton – Divide the Dawn

Pickles Leighton – Character in Divide the Dawn “It’s all about the Leighton brothers. As long as Pickles sits in Sing Sing and Darby’s eighty-sixt, Lovett’ll never get wit’ us. Even after givin’ it to McGowen like they did.”~The Swede Pickles Leighton (b. 1889) is a murderer and prisoner in Sing Sing. He does not appearContinue reading “Pickles Leighton – Divide the Dawn”

Vincent Maher – Divide the Dawn

Vincent Maher – Character in Divide the Dawn “Vincent Maher has no moral issue in both separating virginity from a young female with his blood-filled cock as he does removing the life from a male with his snub-nosed, single action revolver.” ~Liam Garrity Vincent Maher (b. 1894), also known as Masher (obsolete word for a ladiesContinue reading “Vincent Maher – Divide the Dawn”

Mary Lonergan – Divide the Dawn

Mary Lonergan – Character in Divide the Dawn “That biddy ol’ flab? She comes here all the time askin’ for favors. She wants her eldest son to open a bike shop, but of course she don’t have the money for it. So she wants Dinny’s help.” ~Vincent Maher Mary Lonergan (b. 1876), also known as Mourning Mother Mary,Continue reading “Mary Lonergan – Divide the Dawn”

Christie Maroney – Divide the Dawn

Christie Maroney – Character in Divide the Dawn   “There was a murder in Brooklyn one time, where there often was before and I s’pose there will be again. Christie Maroney. . . It was said half his face was made o’ gold.”~The Gas Drip Bard Christie Maroney (1867-1912) also known as the Gold-toothed Larrikin, was murdered before theContinue reading “Christie Maroney – Divide the Dawn”

Harry Reynolds – Divide the Dawn

“I just cry. So angry, I cry. Confused. Undeserved as I am. Shaking my head and covering my face on the floor and bleating and blubbering and acting the fool. Harry yanks me up by the coat.”~Liam Garrity Harry Reynolds – Character in Divide the Dawn   Harry Reynolds (b. 1891) also known as TheContinue reading “Harry Reynolds – Divide the Dawn”

Richie Lonergan – Divide the Dawn

Richie Lonergan – Character in Divide the Dawn “A wild-eyed, windswept, floppy-booted, dirty-blond-haired fifteen year-old limps in the room like some forgotten, defective cur on a prison ship.” ~Liam Garrity Richie Lonergan (b. 1900), also known as Pegleg, is a gloomy, violent teenage gang leader who is emotionally stunted by a traumatic childhood. Almost completely catatonic, heContinue reading “Richie Lonergan – Divide the Dawn”

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