Honora’s Journey

They said my great-grandmother was stunningly beautiful, had a whip-smart sense of humor and thought of others before thinking of herself. Yet she was also known for diving into a deep sadness that would quieten her. Even set her to trembling. ~ Honora’s journey is my journey. And the journey of all of us, whetherContinue reading “Honora’s Journey”

How Kindle & Bookbub Sells Your Info

It’s this simple: If you landed on this page, it means you were targeted in an ad. Amazon tracks your purchases on its site, your activity on other websites, your voice commands, locations, grocery shopping and even extensively tracks your reading habits. Bookbub sends emails directly to you and over ten millions others. It tracks ifContinue reading “How Kindle & Bookbub Sells Your Info”

Real-People Reviews of Eamon Loingsigh

I don’t know about you, but when I’m considering buying a book I read regular people on Goodreads and Amazon to get the truth. There’s too much publicity that you have to sift through to get the truth. So here are some reviews by real people who have read and reviewed some of the booksContinue reading “Real-People Reviews of Eamon Loingsigh”

Divide the Dawn on Goodreads

If you have a Goodreads account, go here and select “To Read” on historical novel Divide the Dawn: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50353580-divide-the-dawn Back Cover/Dust Jacket Description: From the slums of old Irishtown to the docks of industrial Red Hook, chaos flourishes. Factions struggle for supremacy over labor in Brooklyn and to feed families where meals are hard-won. StakingContinue reading “Divide the Dawn on Goodreads”

Petition – Stop Calling it a Famine!

Add your voice to the chorus that is singing out against the English government’s chosen language of Ireland’s Greatest Tragedy. Would you sign a petition to inform non-Irish people not to use the term “potato famine” when referring to what happened in Ireland from 1845-1852? Call it An Gorta Mor Call it The Great HungerContinue reading “Petition – Stop Calling it a Famine!”

Vengeance Achieved

Recent research has proven that Al Capone did not willingly leave his hometown of Brooklyn. In fact, he was forced out by a local Irish gang called the White Hand (named in opposition to the “invading” Italian Black Hand). In 1899, the year Al Capone was born, Brooklyn was a heavily populated industrialized and manufacturing hub.Continue reading “Vengeance Achieved”

Black ’47 – Review

It is a rare moment indeed when a lie that has been passed as history can be righted. But that is exactly what Black ’47, directed by Lance Daly, has done. For 171 years a lie persisted, and even though it cannot be fully overcome, at least the healing may begin. What happened in IrelandContinue reading “Black ’47 – Review”

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