Divide the Dawn on Goodreads

If you have a Goodreads account, go here and select “To Read” on historical novel Divide the Dawn: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50353580-divide-the-dawn Back Cover/Dust Jacket Description: From the slums of old Irishtown to the docks of industrial Red Hook, chaos flourishes. Factions struggle for supremacy over labor in Brooklyn and to feed families where meals are hard-won. StakingContinue reading “Divide the Dawn on Goodreads”

Petition – Stop Calling it a Famine!

Add your voice to the chorus that is singing out against the English government’s chosen language of Ireland’s Greatest Tragedy. Would you sign a petition to inform non-Irish people not to use the term “potato famine” when referring to what happened in Ireland from 1845-1852? Call it An Gorta Mor Call it The Great HungerContinue reading “Petition – Stop Calling it a Famine!”

Vengeance Achieved

Recent research has proven that Al Capone did not willingly leave his hometown of Brooklyn. In fact, he was forced out by a local Irish gang called the White Hand (named in opposition to the “invading” Italian Black Hand). In 1899, the year Al Capone was born, Brooklyn was a heavily populated industrialized and manufacturing hub.Continue reading “Vengeance Achieved”

Black ’47 – Review

It is a rare moment indeed when a lie that has been passed as history can be righted. But that is exactly what Black ’47, directed by Lance Daly, has done. For 171 years a lie persisted, and even though it cannot be fully overcome, at least the healing may begin. What happened in IrelandContinue reading “Black ’47 – Review”

Dinny Meehan – Divide the Dawn

Dinny Meehan – Character in Divide the Dawn “Eyes green in the enveloped saloon light of amber and black. A child’s eyes. An ancient’s eyes. Sometimes I wonder if he ever really did exist, Dinny Meehan. I even doubt it at times, it was so long ago that all this passed. But there he is inContinue reading “Dinny Meehan – Divide the Dawn”

Mickey Kane – Divide the Dawn

Mickey Kane – Character in Divide the Dawn “Mickey is Dinny’s last surviving family member loyal to him. Tall and powerfully built with a big head of blond hair, he follows Dinny’s orders closely. Mickey Kane is Dinny’s blood. His mother’s blood, and many of us feel as though one day Mickey will replace The SwedeContinue reading “Mickey Kane – Divide the Dawn”

Bill Lovett – Divide the Dawn

Bill Lovett – Character in Divide the Dawn “Ya know, people talk. And they’re sayin’ one day the gang could be all Lovett’s. Can ya imagine the take fer us if ya was his righthand? Like the Romans we’d live! But that Bill Lovett’s a wild one.”~Mary Lonergan Bill Lovett (b. 1894), also known asContinue reading “Bill Lovett – Divide the Dawn”

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