Eamon Loingsigh

Eamon Loingsigh (sounds like Lynch) was born on Long Island, NY and lived between there and Florida during his childhood. He graduated with a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism from the University of South Florida and worked as a journalist for the Tampa Bay Times and News Chief and has written for the Associated Press, The Guardian and many others. He lived in Spain, but now resides in Brooklyn since 2009. Eamon wrote the psychological thriller An Affair of Concoctions (Shanachie51 Press, 2009) the book of poetry Love and Maladies (Shanachie51 Press, 2010) and three historical novels including Divide the Dawn (Shanachie51 Press, 2020). He has been shortlisted for the Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction for Exile on Bridge Street (Three Rooms Press, 2016) and Light of the Diddicoy (Three Rooms Press, 2014). Eamon’s Young Adult Novel Chin Music Rhubarb (Shanachie51 Press, 2021) is on baseball. Eamon’s books and essays often reference anthropology, philosophy, sociology, movies of the late 1970s/early 1980s, French literature of the mid-late 1800s (Symbolists) and Irish/NYC history. Via his characters, the reader sees through the eyes of regular, often working class people dealing with a turbulent, changing and unjust world. Eamon’s interest in transcending genres continues with Democracy Jones, a work of speculative fiction, SFF/Horror.

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