Who is Haisley Jones?

Haisley Jones is a hero. But not the chest-out, I’m a bad-ass type hero. She doesn’t want to be a hero at all, actually. She just wants to be normal. You see, Haisley Jones grew up desperately poor in Florida where a girl of mixed race is invisible.

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Born Haisley Barnes in 2013, she never knew her mother and grew up in a rundown apartment complex called Pinebrook, commonly known as “Crimebrook” in Ellington, Florida.

At 17, Haisley was arrested for the murder of her father, Lt. Barnes, a local police officer. According to reports, she stabbed him to death and dumped his body in the Everglades. Out there in the swamps, a wake of turkey vultures devoured him. All that was left of him was his Ellington PD badge.

The local newspapers called her a cop killer and a kin killer. There never was an investigation as to why she killed her father. Captain Dick, Lt. Barnes’ partner, wanted no part of an investigation.

Sentenced to life in prison, Haisley accepted a plea deal. Per the terms, she became a CP Grunt, or a Conscripted Prisoner.

Trained at Parris Island to become a Marine, she saw combat in the Seoul War (2030-2033) where CP Grunts were thrown into suicide and diversionary missions.

To avoid being redeployed, Haisley committed suicide while on leave.

Or so she thought. She woke up in a white room as a man with a salt and pepper afro walked out.

Little did she know, Dr. Owusu had brought her back to life when he installed a neural chip in her brain. The software in the neural chip was called Rhetoric, a banned technology due to the great danger caused by misuse. Often described as a thousand times stronger than any thermonuclear weapon, Rhetoric supposedly died with its creator. Other than Haisley, there is only one person has Rhetoric, the five star military general, Alexander Schenk.

Alive again, Haisley chose not go back to Ellington. Instead, she moved to New York City. There, she connected with De’ontay Jones, a member of The Crowned, a militant Black nationalist group made up mostly of college sororities and fraternities.

By 2040, Haisley and De’ontay are ready to start a family. Then. . . They move to Florida. Horror ensues.

Not all heroes are confident. Haisley Jones, in fact, is one of the most humble person you’ll ever meet.

Which makes her the type of hero America now desperately needs.

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