A Horror About Democracy?

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De’ontay runs for his life as he is being hunt down in the Everglades by Zeke, a tracker. In the horror, Abra’s emotions become displaced and she blames her father for everything, then runs away only to find herself in the warzone of Chatham Projects Town.

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Twitter critics who suddenly found this show have been asking me, ‘why write a horror podcast about Democracy?’ Well, Jan. 6, 2021 scared the living daylights out of me. I bet it scared you too. It caused me to think, “what if we lose democracy, like the Romans did? Is this the beginning of the end? How can I bring attention to the incredibly scary comparisons between the Late Republic period in Rome and the decline in American Democracy now?”

The Gracchi Brothers

The answer to that question was, “Write a Horror, of course”

As the tagline of DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast says, “There is nothing scarier than a military coup.”

Here are some of the justifications:

If the founders of US Democracy turned to the Roman Republic as an example, why wouldn’t we turn to its fall as an example to AVOID the collapse of US Democracy? DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast does.

By comparing the Late Republic period of Rome with near-future American Democracy, DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast seeks to disseminate awareness of the things that brought Democracy to its knees in Rome and what is happening today in the US.

As most Anthropologists will tell you about the collapse of complex societies, it is never one thing that spells ruin. The Republic of Rome was no different. And although we have made great technological breakthroughs since then, we are still just as susceptible.

By telling this story, and witnessing the crossing of the threshold from Democracy to a coup through the eyes of citizens in a small American town, I hope that we can begin to come together, Conservatives and Liberals, so that we can figure this out before it is too late.

“Above all else, the Roman Republic teaches the citizens of its modern descendants the incredible dangers that come along with condoning political obstruction and courting political violence. Roman history could not more clearly show that, when citizens look away as their leaders engage in these corrosive behaviors, their republic is in mortal danger.”
~Edward J. Watts, Mortal Republic

Published by Eamon

Eamon Loingsigh is a shortlisted author of historical novels, YA, poetry, speculative fiction and the Science Fiction-Horror podcast DEMOCRACY JONES: 7/13. He earned a degree in Journalism and has written for the Associated Press, The Guardian, Tampa Bay Times and many other publications.

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