It’s only been out a week or so, but young adult, coming-of-age novel CHIN MUSIC RHUBARB has gotten a lot of very good reviews so far.

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~”Layton’s story touched me, because I feel like many authors don’t like to talk about the things that Layton goes through. It was a refreshingly new way of writing and when the characters’ arc comes into view, wow, that last chapter. Just wow.” ~JL (Amazon)

~”Considering this book is about baseball in the 80s, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. BUT THE CHARACTERS! Yes, the characters and their struggles made this a very fun read. The storyline is easy enough to follow and offers a nice mix of drama, edged with comedic dialogue. But let’s talk about those CHARACTERS” Janey (Anticipatience Books Blog)

~”It’s funny at times, sad at other times, particularly the times when Layton is searching for a way forward, a way to heal. It’s ultimately an uplifting story that does one’s heart good.” Angela M. (top reviewer) Goodreads

~”From the very first scene, there is a cinematic quality to the writing that makes it easy to picture this as a movie. . . This has all the ingredients of a classic coming of age story as we watch Layton grow up before our very eyes.” Becky (Bookaholic Bex Blog)

~”It is a special occurrence when you find a book that completely hooks you, makes you fall in love with the characters, and lingers long after the last page.” Jade (Amazon)

~”I am so glad that I found this book. . . The lessons and Loyal friendships. The struggles of finding who you are and learning to accept it. Such a great read! This book is amazing, truly amazing.” Ashley (Goodreads)

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