Novel: Divide the Dawn

Divide the Dawn is a stand-alone historical novel for publication April 18, 2020.

Critics see this coming:

♠    “A brilliant story that belongs in the elite company of world-renowned classics like The Godfather, The Maltese Falcon and A Game of Thrones.”
(review from Anticipatience)

“Just as you are getting a feel for this story, a scene occurs that is likely to leave some readers catatonic with shock.” ~Anticipatience Review. From a shortlisted author comes the ultimate in historical crime fiction; endowed with suspense, mystery, horror, adventure, fantasy, surprises. . . Divide the Dawn gifts it all with striking ease.

Through winter’s barren trees the morning moon lurks like a portent of doom. Such is the prophecy of an otherworldly shanachie, or Irish storyteller who appears out of the mist in 1908 Ireland. We are then transported exactly eleven years later to Brooklyn, New York where the Irish-American gang known as “The White Hand” is fast losing sway over the streets. After a snowstorm blankets the city in white, men begin to appear who were thought to have been dead.

A dark action adventure with complicated characters caught in a fascinating period in history.

“Propulsive and affecting, Divide the Dawn is historical fiction with arresting language, yet the narrative hurtles forward with the intensity of a suspense novel.”

          Divide the Dawn is a Historical novel with elements of Crime Fiction, Horror, Suspense and Fantasy, but author Eamon Loingsigh (sounds like Lynch) is calling it a Ghost Story.


Author Eamon Loingsigh (sounds like Lynch). Photo by Mitch Traphagen

“The ghosts of the old world haunt the Irish. History, myth, prophecy and even hope colors our forebears’ decisions in 1910s New York to create a character-driven account of the ancestors of 40 million Americans. Don’t be afraid of the dark, it’s there you’ll find the light.”

In the meantime, find character art & bios HERE.

There is also a Facebook page for HERE for updates.

About Eamon

Eamon Loingsigh is the author of the Auld Irishtown trilogy: "Light of the Diddicoy," (Three Rooms Press 2014) and "Exile on Bridge Street," (Three Rooms Press 2016).
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  2. susan pasquali says:

    would like to purchase this in hardcover. when and where will it be available

  3. Jack Shalom says:

    Eamon, the book sounds wonderful. I’d like to get in touch with you to discuss an interview for the Arts Express radio program on WBAI NYC 99.5 FM. Please drop me a line at


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