Irishtown: Episode 1


Irishtown: The only art is survival

The web series Irishtown has officially released its first episode. Follow the link below and click on: Irishtown Ep. 1: Treachery of the White Hand.


With its noir-influenced, black-and-white style and an ingenious storytelling method of allowing the characters to tell their particular perspective, Irishtown has proven to be a fiercely independent voice.

Based on the first two books in the AULD IRISHTOWN trilogy, the characters are already entrenched in, by the end of the second book, a gang war for control of Brooklyn labor.

The Irish have dominated longshoremen labor in Brooklyn since the 1840s, but are now being challenged by many different elements. Since 1913, Dinny Meehan‘s gang The White Hand has been in control. But “Wild Bill” Lovett and his followers want the power to earn the money Brooklyn’s waterfront business brings in.

artofneed productions is a group of sketch artists, musicians, actors, video editors and photographers who have come together to bring the characters in the first two books of the AULD IRISHTOWN trilogy to life. Working with writer/producer Eamon Loingsigh, they have struck gold.

The first two books in the trilogy are Light of the Diddicoy (2014) and
Exile on Bridge Street (2016). The last book, Divide the Dawn is forthcoming.




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