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Liam Garrity’s innocence is highlighted as he narrates the books as an old man looking back on his teenage years while in a Brooklyn gang during the 1910s. (Sketch by Anthony Ernest Kieren)
 The episodes of “Irishtown” take place immediately following the end of EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET, the second book in the AULD IRISHTOWN trilogy, which is February of 1919.
The dramatic stories will be told from the perspective of characters in the books, which, as many of you know, were based on real Brooklynites from the 1910s.
Sketch artists, voice-over actors, musicians and video editors working with author Eamon Loingsigh have all come together in what is being called the “needcollective.”
For all of you who have been reading the books and following this page, “artofneed, Blog for the Auld Irishtown trilogy,” and have been asking when the third installment is due to hit bookstores, this series should satisfy those yearnings.
“Irishtown” will provide some detailed information about character backgrounds, highlight important events in the first two books, shed light on pre-Liam Garrity scenes that have only been referenced in the LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY & EXILE ON BRIDGE STREET, and take an ominous look forward to the gang war that looms over Brooklyn in the last offering of the AULD IRISHTOWN trilogy, which will be called: DIVIDE THE DAWN.
Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.56.05 AM“Irishtown” is a bare-boned, black and white noir from artofneed Productions that uses the talents of sketch artists to invoke the imagination. Voice-over actors to guide you through the chaos of life in the heavily industrialized, port city of New York. And music to bring the images and words to life, raising their world up from the obscurity of memories, family stories passed down through the generations and old photos which only hint at the horrors they faced and the ghosts that haunted them from the old world from which they fled.


Life in New York City was very different from what we know. Above, reminiscent of the scene in LIGHT OF THE DIDDICOY called “McGowan’s Wake.”
The main characters in the books (Liam, Dinny, Wild Bill & Richie Pegleg) will be topics in the series, but interestingly enough, the point-of-view narrations will be from the perspective of second and third-tier characters, such as Sadie Meehan, Sixto Stabile, Darby Leighton, Anna Lonergan, Thos Carmody, The Gas Drip Bard and the Waterfront Assembly’s Jonathan G. Wolcott, among others).
Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.38.43 PM
A clip from the trailer for Irishtown.

Influenced by Game of Thrones, Mad Max and The Godfather series as well as The Walking Dead, The Outsiders, Blood Meridian, Banished Children of Eve and Heart of Darkness, among others, “Irishtown” promises to connect the struggle to survive in Brooklyn 100 years ago, with the grandchildren and great-grandchildren who were given a chance at life after their ancestors fought brutally in “the long shadows” of their time for the “Hope of Summer.”

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